About Us

Southern Dallas Link was founded in August 2015, when the founder, Curtis Corbins realized that there was a lack of opportunity for citizens in Southern Dallas to earn a livable wage. While there are many barriers to raising the standard of living in the Southern sector, Corbins assembled a team of individuals and organizations to identify ways to address this problem. It was through hard work, research, and collaboration they were able to identify employment where employees could earn at least $15.00 per hour.


In July 2015, Corbins and his team met with Mike Rawlings who was Dallas Mayor at the time. Rawlings shared that many of the warehouses along with other employers located in the southern sector and away from public transportation were having difficulty retaining their employees. It seemed that a lack of reliable transportation was a major factor in employee turnover.


In April of 2018, Southern Dallas Link secured a contract to provide transportation to seniors living within the city limits. There are also many seniors residing outside of the city limits who do not qualify for transportation services. Southern Dallas Link created a sponsorship program that allows transportation costs to be covered by family members and others who wish to sponsor rides for seniors.


Since July 2015, Southern Dallas Link has connected over 12,000 clients to jobs where they could earn a livable wage in the southern sector. 


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